Robber gets tackled

Today’s story takes place in New England, where an armed robbery suddenly occurs, and two bystanders are thrown in the mix of things. At first they exit, seemingly to devise a plan. They quickly return and one guy jumps on the arcade game and the hero in the yellow picks up a chair and swings … Continue reading

Ex Boxer knocks out bully

This is a story of how random things can be at times. Out of nowhere, a random punk starts attacking a group of people for no reason. The punk knocks down person and hits them while their down. A bystanders tries to step in but gets attacked himself. The punk walks away after attacking the … Continue reading

Thief gets a taste of small town justice

In La Crosse, Washington a would be thief gets what he deserves. A resident of La Crosse, Larry Garrett thought he was being a good samaritan when he welcomed distraught young man into his home. The man told Larry a story that he ran out of gas, had no money, and was hungry. Larry gave … Continue reading