Thief gets beat and left unconcious

An unassuming man who we’ll call “the traveler” quickly becomes involved in a struggle when he is about to use the ATM. The criminal tries to grab for the guys wallet but little does he know that his is in for a good fight. This could have easily gone wrong for the traveler, but he … Continue reading

Convenient store owner stops robbery in the most Surprising way!

In New York, convenient store owner Mohammad Sohail is confronted with an attempted robbery. Mr. Sohail reacts by pulling out a shotgun and pointing it at the criminal. The criminal automatically drops to his knees and begins pleading and crying to Mr. Sohail. He begins to beg and apologize and says he has no money, … Continue reading

Goodoverbad! Good News Network

Welcome to is your online destination for good news and all things positive. Do you hate turning on the news and hearing nothing but bad news? Fustrated with the lack of real justice? Losing hope in humanity? Well is the cure for all things negative and our mission is to uplift, motivate, and … Continue reading