Guy defends his girl from 2 guys

Bravo to this man for defending his ladie’s honor. Two idiots are arguing and as the hero walks by with his girl, one of the dummys hit her. Reason? The best thing I could think of is stupidity. The man then begins to rain blows on the two and teaches them a hard lesson that … Continue reading

Robber scared off by Machete

Today’s story takes place in Florida, where an armed robbery occurs suddenly. The punk’s weapon of choice is a knife, which he reveals while demanding money. The store clerk Guillermina Sanchez, then pulls out her own weapon, a machete, which make the punks weapon look like a butter knife. A short standoff ensues and the … Continue reading

Punk gets owned on the Subway

Some punk starts threatening a woman on the subway and a bystander steps in to defend her. The bystander quick pulls the idiots pants down, stopping any further threat. Owned and humiliated the punk wobbles away. Who said chivalry was dead? This is a perfect example of fighting back without actual violence. Another one for … Continue reading