Heroic train driver loses hand saving 350 passengers

In Vietnam, train driver Truong Xuân approached a crossing where a truck driver was attempting to cross the tracks. He quickly chose to apply the emergency brake rather than the regular brakes. It would take longer for the train to stop using the regular brakes. He did this at the risk of his own safety … Continue reading

Woman saves man from oncoming train

A man falls onto the tracks as an oncoming train approaches. A heroic woman quickly jumps into action and pulls him to safety in the nick of time. GOOD over bad.

Father saves son from fire

Today’s story of is of David Brown, who awoke to his apartment on fire. The exit towards the front door was blocked by flames and the only way out was off the balcony. Mr. Brown’s first reaction was to grab his son and get him to safety. He dropped his son down the balcony to … Continue reading

Hero saves man from train tracks

A man accidentally slips off the ledge of the train station and onto the tracks. A train is quickly approaching, but that doesn’t phase our hero who leaps down on the tracks and quickly pulls the man away. Our hero’s bravery and speedy action saves the man’s life and another story end good. GOOD over … Continue reading

Dad saves 2 year old daughter

A father saves his 2 year old daughter after she slipped off a ship and fell into New York’s East River. The child slips through the ships railing and plunges 25 feet into frigid water. As soon as the father notices it, he jumps into action and diving in to save his daughter. When they … Continue reading

Father kills sex offender

True justice is served in this story. A father kills a convicted sex offender, when the creep breaks into his child’s room in the middle of the night. The father choked the creep to death and true justice is served. One less low life creep in this world and another day is saved. GOOD over … Continue reading