Robber scared off by Machete

Today’s story takes place in Florida, where an armed robbery occurs suddenly. The punk’s weapon of choice is a knife, which he reveals while demanding money. The store clerk Guillermina Sanchez, then pulls out her own weapon, a machete, which make the punks weapon look like a butter knife. A short standoff ensues and the … Continue reading

Bystander saves kid from train

A small kid falls onto the train tracks in the subway and is saved by a bystander. Our hero quickly runs from the opposite side and grabs the the kid and runs back to safety, as the train is quickly approaching. GOOD over bad.

8 year old boy save fathers life from choking

This story occurs on May 2010. Michael Herbert and his son Johnathan were sitting in the living room of their home, enjoying a Tiger’s Milk Bar when suddenly the father began to choke on a piece which had gotten lodged in his throat. He struggled to get up and trying to get the piece out … Continue reading

Ex Boxer knocks out bully

This is a story of how random things can be at times. Out of nowhere, a random punk starts attacking a group of people for no reason. The punk knocks down person and hits them while their down. A bystanders tries to step in but gets attacked himself. The punk walks away after attacking the … Continue reading

Hero saves man from train tracks

A man accidentally slips off the ledge of the train station and onto the tracks. A train is quickly approaching, but that doesn’t phase our hero who leaps down on the tracks and quickly pulls the man away. Our hero’s bravery and speedy action saves the man’s life and another story end good. GOOD over … Continue reading