Thief gets beat and left unconcious

An unassuming man who we’ll call “the traveler” quickly becomes involved in a struggle when he is about to use the ATM. The criminal tries to grab for the guys wallet but little does he know that his is in for a good fight. This could have easily gone wrong for the traveler, but he … Continue reading

Guy defends his girl from 2 guys

Bravo to this man for defending his ladie’s honor. Two idiots are arguing and as the hero walks by with his girl, one of the dummys hit her. Reason? The best thing I could think of is stupidity. The man then begins to rain blows on the two and teaches them a hard lesson that … Continue reading

Bully gets slammed by big kid

If you’ve been bullied before then watch this and it should make your day. There’s no better feeling than facing a bully and crushing him. Today’s bully victim Casey Heynes does just that after a barrage of punches are thrown at him. When Casey decides enough is enough, he grabs the bully, picks him up, … Continue reading

Guy defends himself from local thug

Our story today takes us to the United Kingdom, where Jason Smith is confronted in front of his home by a local thug who randomly picks a fight with him. Mr. Smith stands his ground, as the punk threatens him. Waving his arms around like an ape, the punk throws a trash can to the … Continue reading

Bully gets beat

Today’s story is of a kid who doesn’t want to fight, but has no choice except to. He is faced with the bully and tries to reason with him, but instead is met with hostility, which is usaully the case in these situations. The bully here is the aggressor; verbally and physically. Our hero today … Continue reading

Robber gets tackled

Today’s story takes place in New England, where an armed robbery suddenly occurs, and two bystanders are thrown in the mix of things. At first they exit, seemingly to devise a plan. They quickly return and one guy jumps on the arcade game and the hero in the yellow picks up a chair and swings … Continue reading

Granny attacks robber

Today’s story takes place at a 7-11 in Massachusetts, where a robbery attempt occurs in front of a 75 year old woman. The clerk struggles with the punk and our hero starts attacking the criminal with the price checker and then chasing him out of the store. It doesn’t seem as if our hero actually … Continue reading

School girl beats up mugger

This creep gets what he deserves for trying to take advantage of a girl. He tries to mug her as she’s getting off the elevator and gets his butt handed to him by the karate kid. The best part is when he tries to get away and she chases after him to make sure he … Continue reading

Ex Boxer knocks out bully

This is a story of how random things can be at times. Out of nowhere, a random punk starts attacking a group of people for no reason. The punk knocks down person and hits them while their down. A bystanders tries to step in but gets attacked himself. The punk walks away after attacking the … Continue reading

Store clerk fights robber

Today’s story takes place in Connecticut, where a robbery attempt is foiled. A store clerk fights back and stops a robbery attempt. Next time this idiot will think twice before he tries something this stupid again. GOOD over bad.