Thief gets beat and left unconcious

An unassuming man who we’ll call “the traveler” quickly becomes involved in a struggle when he is about to use the ATM. The criminal tries to grab for the guys wallet but little does he know that his is in for a good fight. This could have easily gone wrong for the traveler, but he … Continue reading

Guy defends his girl from 2 guys

Bravo to this man for defending his ladie’s honor. Two idiots are arguing and as the hero walks by with his girl, one of the dummys hit her. Reason? The best thing I could think of is stupidity. The man then begins to rain blows on the two and teaches them a hard lesson that … Continue reading

12 year old kid stops burglary

In Istanbul, Turkey a 12 year old kid diverts an armed robbery at a local jewelry store. The masked robber entered the shop and pulled out a gun and told the clerk to fill his bag. There was just one thing he didn’t count on and that was 12-year kid who he had walked by … Continue reading

11 year old girl protects her life from 3 armed burglars

In New Mexico, 11 year old Alyssa Gutierrez is home alone, when three masked armed intruders broke in. Her first instinct was to hide but they quickly spotted her. With her quick thinking, she then ran to a bedroom to grab her mothers riffle to defend herself. The brave girl loaded the rifle and checked … Continue reading

School girl beats up mugger

This creep gets what he deserves for trying to take advantage of a girl. He tries to mug her as she’s getting off the elevator and gets his butt handed to him by the karate kid. The best part is when he tries to get away and she chases after him to make sure he … Continue reading

8 year old boy save fathers life from choking

This story occurs on May 2010. Michael Herbert and his son Johnathan were sitting in the living room of their home, enjoying a Tiger’s Milk Bar when suddenly the father began to choke on a piece which had gotten lodged in his throat. He struggled to get up and trying to get the piece out … Continue reading

Father kills sex offender

True justice is served in this story. A father kills a convicted sex offender, when the creep breaks into his child’s room in the middle of the night. The father choked the creep to death and true justice is served. One less low life creep in this world and another day is saved. GOOD over … Continue reading

12 year old girl stops burglary

This is a great story that occurred in Missouri City, Texas in March of 2010. A 12-year-old girl stopped a burglary in progress. The break in occurred in the morning and the girl was home alone at the time. She told the police that the burglar broke the glass on the front door and was … Continue reading

12 year old boy saves brother’s life

In Indiana, a 12 year old boy saves his 8 year old brother’s life. Brothers Bryan and Brandon Lovett were playing, when suddenly little brother Brandon started to choke on a eating a piece of candy he was eating. Older brother quickly stepped in stepped in and applied the Heimlich maneuver, saving his brother’s life. … Continue reading

9 year old boy save girl from drowning

During a pool party a 5 year old girl passes out an falls to the bottom of the pool. A 9-year-old boy notices her and with the help of a friend pulled her from the water after nearly drowning.