5 year old boy saves dad’s life

Today’s story is of a real life Doogie Howser 5 year old boy who saves his father’s life. 5 year old Jude Stefans was playing with his toys, when notices something is wrong with his father who has type 1 diabetes. Jude was trying to wake up his father because he was hungry, but soon … Continue reading

Man saves kid falling off escalator

This next story takes place in a mall, where a kid rides up a escalator but hanging off the edge and falls off once reaching the top. Luckily a bystander dashes into places and is able to catch the child.

Bystander stops child abduction

This story is angering, but relieving as to the outcome. 11 year Jazmine Holbrook was riding her bike just a block away from her home, when a creep attempts to abduct her. The creep dragged her into a car and is about to get away when a god sumaritan gets into the car and saves … Continue reading

Father saves son from fire

Today’s story of is of David Brown, who awoke to his apartment on fire. The exit towards the front door was blocked by flames and the only way out was off the balcony. Mr. Brown’s first reaction was to grab his son and get him to safety. He dropped his son down the balcony to … Continue reading

Bystander saves kid from train

A small kid falls onto the train tracks in the subway and is saved by a bystander. Our hero quickly runs from the opposite side and grabs the the kid and runs back to safety, as the train is quickly approaching. GOOD over bad.

8 year old boy save fathers life from choking

This story occurs on May 2010. Michael Herbert and his son Johnathan were sitting in the living room of their home, enjoying a Tiger’s Milk Bar when suddenly the father began to choke on a piece which had gotten lodged in his throat. He struggled to get up and trying to get the piece out … Continue reading

12 year old boy saves brother’s life

In Indiana, a 12 year old boy saves his 8 year old brother’s life. Brothers Bryan and Brandon Lovett were playing, when suddenly little brother Brandon started to choke on a eating a piece of candy he was eating. Older brother quickly stepped in stepped in and applied the Heimlich maneuver, saving his brother’s life. … Continue reading

9 year old boy save girl from drowning

During a pool party a 5 year old girl passes out an falls to the bottom of the pool. A 9-year-old boy notices her and with the help of a friend pulled her from the water after nearly drowning.