Thief gets a taste of small town justice

In La Crosse, Washington a would be thief gets what he deserves. A resident of La Crosse, Larry Garrett thought he was being a good samaritan when he welcomed distraught young man into his home. The man told Larry a story that he ran out of gas, had no money, and was hungry. Larry gave … Continue reading

12 year old boy saves brother’s life

In Indiana, a 12 year old boy saves his 8 year old brother’s life. Brothers Bryan and Brandon Lovett were playing, when suddenly little brother Brandon started to choke on a eating a piece of candy he was eating. Older brother quickly stepped in stepped in and applied the Heimlich maneuver, saving his brother’s life. … Continue reading

Girl defeats mugger

A guy decides that it’s a good idea to attempt stealing a girls purse and gets taught a hard lesson. As the girl is getting off the elevator and he tries to run off with her purse and gets suplexed into submission. Truly amazing!

9 year old boy save girl from drowning

During a pool party a 5 year old girl passes out an falls to the bottom of the pool. A 9-year-old boy notices her and with the help of a friend pulled her from the water after nearly drowning.

Goodoverbad! Good News Network

Welcome to is your online destination for good news and all things positive. Do you hate turning on the news and hearing nothing but bad news? Fustrated with the lack of real justice? Losing hope in humanity? Well is the cure for all things negative and our mission is to uplift, motivate, and … Continue reading