Granny attacks robber

Today’s story takes place at a 7-11 in Massachusetts, where a robbery attempt occurs in front of a 75 year old woman. The clerk struggles with the punk and our hero starts attacking the criminal with the price checker and then chasing him out of the store. It doesn’t seem as if our hero actually … Continue reading

Father saves son from fire

Today’s story of is of David Brown, who awoke to his apartment on fire. The exit towards the front door was blocked by flames and the only way out was off the balcony. Mr. Brown’s first reaction was to grab his son and get him to safety. He dropped his son down the balcony to … Continue reading

School girl beats up mugger

This creep gets what he deserves for trying to take advantage of a girl. He tries to mug her as she’s getting off the elevator and gets his butt handed to him by the karate kid. The best part is when he tries to get away and she chases after him to make sure he … Continue reading

Bystander defends guy from 2 punks

Two punks are attacking one guy, when a bystander swoops in to help. The hero quickly knocks out one punk and then serves up a combo platter to the other. The punk runs away, leaving his partner on the ground sleeping. The hero contains the situation and leads the victim away to safety. The hero … Continue reading