Doctor subdues robber

Today’s story takes place in Washington, where a robber enters a private dining room occupied by doctors during a business meeting inside a restaurant. The criminal demands money and gets one victim’s wallet, exits the rooms and sits down at a table in the restaurant. Moments later, he returns to the room and requests more … Continue reading

Robber gets knocked out

A robber ends up sticking up the wrong guy and gets knocked out cold. Real justice, not that artificial stuff! Good over bad.

Convenient store owner stops robbery in the most Surprising way!

In New York, convenient store owner Mohammad Sohail is confronted with an attempted robbery. Mr. Sohail reacts by pulling out a shotgun and pointing it at the criminal. The criminal automatically drops to his knees and begins pleading and crying to Mr. Sohail. He begins to beg and apologize and says he has no money, … Continue reading