Truck driver stops child abduction

This is a great story about true heroism and taking the law into your own hands. Tow truck driver Marcus Dennis is driving through a neighborhood when he notices a commotion going on and overhears that the criminal running away had done something wrong. He makes a u-turn and jumps out of his truck, tackling … Continue reading

11 year old girl protects her life from 3 armed burglars

In New Mexico, 11 year old Alyssa Gutierrez is home alone, when three masked armed intruders broke in. Her first instinct was to hide but they quickly spotted her. With her quick thinking, she then ran to a bedroom to grab her mothers riffle to defend herself. The brave girl loaded the rifle and checked … Continue reading

15 year old boy defends self and sister

This story is about protecting your life and the lives of your family. In Texas, a 15 year old boy is home alone with his 12 year old sister when two burglars broke into the home through the back window. The teen grabbed a riffle and shot one of the robbers. The criminals then fled … Continue reading

12 year old girl stops burglary

This is a great story that occurred in Missouri City, Texas in March of 2010. A 12-year-old girl stopped a burglary in progress. The break in occurred in the morning and the girl was home alone at the time. She told the police that the burglar broke the glass on the front door and was … Continue reading

Girl defeats mugger

A guy decides that it’s a good idea to attempt stealing a girls purse and gets taught a hard lesson. As the girl is getting off the elevator and he tries to run off with her purse and gets suplexed into submission. Truly amazing!