Toyota truck saves lives from flood

This next story takes place in Saudi Arabia. An SUV is trapped in the the middle of flooding waters. Moments before the SUV is about to be swept away, a bystander saves the day. The good samaritan in a Toyota truck pushes the car towards higher ground away from from danger. Toyota should sponsor this … Continue reading

12 year old kid stops burglary

In Istanbul, Turkey a 12 year old kid diverts an armed robbery at a local jewelry store. The masked robber entered the shop and pulled out a gun and told the clerk to fill his bag. There was just one thing he didn’t count on and that was 12-year kid who he had walked by … Continue reading

Heroic train driver loses hand saving 350 passengers

In Vietnam, train driver Truong Xuân approached a crossing where a truck driver was attempting to cross the tracks. He quickly chose to apply the emergency brake rather than the regular brakes. It would take longer for the train to stop using the regular brakes. He did this at the risk of his own safety … Continue reading

Woman saves man from oncoming train

A man falls onto the tracks as an oncoming train approaches. A heroic woman quickly jumps into action and pulls him to safety in the nick of time. GOOD over bad.

School girl beats up mugger

This creep gets what he deserves for trying to take advantage of a girl. He tries to mug her as she’s getting off the elevator and gets his butt handed to him by the karate kid. The best part is when he tries to get away and she chases after him to make sure he … Continue reading

Bystander saves kid from train

A small kid falls onto the train tracks in the subway and is saved by a bystander. Our hero quickly runs from the opposite side and grabs the the kid and runs back to safety, as the train is quickly approaching. GOOD over bad.

Hero saves man from train tracks

A man accidentally slips off the ledge of the train station and onto the tracks. A train is quickly approaching, but that doesn’t phase our hero who leaps down on the tracks and quickly pulls the man away. Our hero’s bravery and speedy action saves the man’s life and another story end good. GOOD over … Continue reading

Girl defeats mugger

A guy decides that it’s a good idea to attempt stealing a girls purse and gets taught a hard lesson. As the girl is getting off the elevator and he tries to run off with her purse and gets suplexed into submission. Truly amazing!