Bully gets slammed by big kid

If you’ve been bullied before then watch this and it should make your day. There’s no better feeling than facing a bully and crushing him. Today’s bully victim Casey Heynes does just that after a barrage of punches are thrown at him. When Casey decides enough is enough, he grabs the bully, picks him up, … Continue reading

Bully gets beat

Today’s story is of a kid who doesn’t want to fight, but has no choice except to. He is faced with the bully and tries to reason with him, but instead is met with hostility, which is usaully the case in these situations. The bully here is the aggressor; verbally and physically. Our hero today … Continue reading

School girl beats up mugger

This creep gets what he deserves for trying to take advantage of a girl. He tries to mug her as she’s getting off the elevator and gets his butt handed to him by the karate kid. The best part is when he tries to get away and she chases after him to make sure he … Continue reading

Girl defeats mugger

A guy decides that it’s a good idea to attempt stealing a girls purse and gets taught a hard lesson. As the girl is getting off the elevator and he tries to run off with her purse and gets suplexed into submission. Truly amazing!