Thief gets beat and left unconcious

An unassuming man who we’ll call “the traveler” quickly becomes involved in a struggle when he is about to use the ATM. The criminal tries to grab for the guys wallet but little does he know that his is in for a good fight. This could have easily gone wrong for the traveler, but he managed to get the thief in a rear naked choke and immobilize him quickly. Another guy enters the mix and seems to be part of the robbery attempt. Luckily he doesn’t want any as his friend is laid out. With quick acting the traveler handles himself properly and walks away safely.

This story is very important for self preservation. You have to always be aware of your surroundings at all times. Criminals will always prey on the weak and unassuming. Some basic hand to hand combat training is a necessity in these crazy times. Preventive measures must always be taken into account. Pepper spray, a taser, or even a concealed gun are all various options that can be used. With proper training, you can learn to protect yourself with just about anything. Learn to protect yourself, then you can protect others. As always GOOD over bad. Justice for all!

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