12 year old kid stops burglary

In Istanbul, Turkey a 12 year old kid diverts an armed robbery at a local jewelry store. The masked robber entered the shop and pulled out a gun and told the clerk to fill his bag. There was just one thing he didn’t count on and that was 12-year kid who he had walked by … Continue reading

5 year old boy saves dad’s life

Today’s story is of a real life Doogie Howser 5 year old boy who saves his father’s life. 5 year old Jude Stefans was playing with his toys, when notices something is wrong with his father who has type 1 diabetes. Jude was trying to wake up his father because he was hungry, but soon … Continue reading

Father kills sex offender

True justice is served in this story. A father kills a convicted sex offender, when the creep breaks into his child’s room in the middle of the night. The father choked the creep to death and true justice is served. One less low life creep in this world and another day is saved. GOOD over … Continue reading

Goodoverbad! Good News Network

Welcome to GoodoverBad.com is your online destination for good news and all things positive. Do you hate turning on the news and hearing nothing but bad news? Fustrated with the lack of real justice? Losing hope in humanity? Well GoodoverBad.com is the cure for all things negative and our mission is to uplift, motivate, and … Continue reading